Recruiting Slaves

Pulling Victims into the Sex Trade 

In America, the most common way of gaining new victims of sexual exploitation is through mental manipulation and coercion. This is done by creating a new family unit. Often initiated and pulled by love, acceptance, and happiness - this new relationship is encouraged through affirmation, approval, and being welcomed into an emotional relationship or a new romantic love affair. Modern slave owners (aka pimps or traffickers) have learnt how to control and manipulate their victims through abuse, blackmail, threats of violence, torture, drugs, and emotional trauma. The victim will usually not even know that they are being targeted to be sold, until it is too late. Thankfully, with education and signs to be aware of, victims and families can now be mindful of the tactics that are used to secure lifelong ‘volunteer’ sex slaves. It might appear to be ‘volunteer’ prostitution, but evidence is now suggesting that there is no such thing… 


"The best slaves are ones who think they are free..."

But why do victims keep silent? Very similar to abusive and unsafe dysfunctional families, pimps (traffickers) mimic these broken family units by conditioning the victim with guilt, fear, and a new found family loyalty, that keeps secrets hidden and never betrays that duty. This mentally keeps the victim silent and prepares them to accept the sexual abuse and exploitation as their act of service and love to this new relationship and new family unit. Secrecy and loyalty is constantly conditioned into the minds of the victims so that their silence can keep their traffickers out of prison. The victims will view their loyalty as an act of love towards their trafficker. 


Stage One: 

Initiation and befriending from a trafficker. The victim is often always unaware of the intent of the relationship, as the pimp (trafficker) has targeted the unsuspecting person solely to be a money maker for them. The victim will often be enthralled with the new relationship; one that seems ‘too good to be true.’ The victim will be showered with love, gifts, affirmation, and expensive outings so that their love and attention grows quickly towards their trafficker. Meanwhile, with a heavy emphasis built on loyalty, the new relationship blooms.


Stage Two: 

Grooming is an important stage as it continues with the foundations of loyalty and love. But soon the victim will be pulled away from all other people in their lives. Just as a child predator works hard to build trust to have access to a minor, so too a trafficker strategically manipulates all those around them as they isolate the victim and prep them for sexual exploitation and prostitution. The trafficker is convincing and will continue to mentally manipulate the victim.

Stage Three:     

Prostitution has many faces and levels. Sexting and stripping will be slowly introduced and demanded as a way to pay back costs or to assist in their future family together. Through fear, intimidation, blackmail, threats, insecurity, guilt, or a desire to help create income for their future together - a victim will be made to feel like they owe it to their trafficker to prostitute themselves. Once in, a victim will be guilted into staying, hoping that one day - their trafficker will let them out, or when they have enough money to support their dream life together… but it will sadly never be enough to ever get out. And just as child victims rarely tell anyone about their abuse and blame themselves, so do the prostituted victims, as their traffickers play on their guilt and condition them that this has been their ‘choice.’ Victims are also conditioned to ‘willingly’ go to jail for their trafficker, if discovered. Loyalty is driven into them through fear and intimidation to stay in the life.

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