Video Game Dangers

Traffickers want new victims for the game of sexual exploitation, but how are they to find them? Sure they can find youngsters at the mall, libraries, schools, arcades, fast food restaurants, and other places that kids frequent. But what other ways can predators gain access to children today? Traffickers have been using technology to acquire new victims. Building trust to have access with a child, a trafficker strategically manipulates a potential victim as they isolate them from others. They do this through secrets and attempt to prep them for sexual exploitation and prostitution. What appears to be an innocent online friendship, could soon turn into more.


Beginning with asking sexting (nude pics), gradually becomes a situation often blackmailing an individual into sex trafficking and prostitution to keep those images a secret. Other times, a secret meeting is set up to where the child sneaks out to meet a new friend. If this occurs, it is common that the child will be raped. The predator tapes the rape and threatens to release the footage to family and friends, convincing the child that if they prostitute and accept submitting to trafficking - their secret will not get out. 



Video games are a huge resource used to acquire young boys into the trafficking world. We need to teach our children that they are at risk of being hunted, coerced, tricked, and manipulated into trafficking and prostitution. Apps and video games are a great way for traffickers to get an introduction to our children. They can then prey on them as potential victims. We must educate and warn those we love that online relationships might not be what is initially assumed, as there may be a darker intent from the befriended person online.

Image by Sigmund

Traffickers and predators have a lot at stake; most of these professional recruiters are willing to take the time to instill trust and loyalty, because of the payoff in the end. We need to teach our children that once a victim is in the trafficking world, it is almost impossible to get out, as only 1% of trafficked victims are ever rescued. Make sure your kids know that it is better to talk to their parents rather than be victimized as a modern-day slave. Be aware of what your kids do online and who they communicate with on video games. It is your responsibility to be a vigilant parent and protect your child.


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