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Whether it is sex trafficking prevention, trafficking education, awareness, resources for sexual exploitation, or child on child sexual abuse, we are determined to provide the resources needed to equip and support Christians.

We exist to educate and equip Christians to combat sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, therefore we want to make it easy to empower church communities to help end human trafficking and equip them with the tools to do so. 


Video Games

The Dangers of Playing the Game

Video games are a huge resource used to acquire young boys into the trafficking world. We need to teach our children that they are at risk of being hunted, coerced, tricked, and manipulated into trafficking and prostitution. Apps and video games are a great way for traffickers to get an introduction to our children. They can then prey on them as potential victims. We must educate and warn those we love that online relationships might not be what is initially assumed, as there may be a darker intent from the befriended person online.


Apps and Social Media Safety

The Dangers Online 

It’s essential to educate and likewise teach our children that they are potentially being hunted, lured, coerced, tricked, or manipulated into prostitution, which is a form of sex trafficking. Social media and apps are a great way for traffickers to get an introduction to our children. Let's make sure that doesn't happen!


The Craft of Sexual Exploitation

Warning Signs of Sexual Exploitation

Stage One: Initiation
Stage Two: Grooming
Stage Three: Prostitution



Learn the truths about sexting and how traffickers are using it... to blackmail someone into the sex trade.


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