• Dana Parriera

Feeling Hopeless?

Matthew 9:36a

"When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless..."

Death Camps

We have this amazing God, who wars against demons, is opposed by evil forces, and battles fallen angels. It seems at times, that the Lord God is rejected by creation over and over again. From the fall of Satan to the fall of man - angelic beings, humanity, and earth itself rebel against the God of the universe. And yet, all of the rebellion never seems to thwart the plans of the Almighty.

What is Christianity?

Sin reigned supreme as Adam ate the fruit of knowledge, longing to be like like God while envy birthed into rebellion. Kicking and screaming - humanity was dragged into the darkness of sin, oppression, hatred, and death. Death camps were set up by the enemy as millions were dragged into the dark dungeon tempted by sin and commissioned to death. Trapped by humanities own pride through shame and the love of sin. Humanity walked in hopeless lines, prodded by the Devil and persecuted by shame. Heads down and defeated, the disabled Prisoners of War accepted their weak and defenseless state as a sinner, with no hope for the future. Harassed and helpless, wounded and unarmed sitting alone in death camps, humanity awaited a Savior.

The Prisoners of War were dazed and confused, some knew why they were there, others still in a state of shock, not understanding the game in which they had been playing all along. Demons and angels tug on the arms of those who didn’t know where to turn. The love of sin, pleasures of life, and hope for happiness had been a snare like cheese in a mouse trap. Ambushed, traded, trapped, and imprisoned everyone awaited their sentence to eternal death in utter helplessness.

All of humanity awaited in silence.

But who could save those who couldn’t save themselves? Surely only God could do such a thing. The idea that somehow humanity could be saved was a thing that only was hoped for. But the angels had heard rumors that the God of the universe had a plan to reclaim the lost, but it was only in secret that the angels whispered. What if… What if God was that generous? What if Yahweh would step in to save those whose life was a mere vapor? Surely such things were unreachable.

The world wasn’t ready for what the God of the universe was about to do. Jesus Christ showed up on the scenes enveloped in compassion. An unlikely hero, with no visible army seen behind him. The enemy laughed and mocked the indwelt human who claimed godhood and salvation for all mankind. Little did they know that the God of the universe, Yahweh, had wrapped Himself in human flesh with war on His mind. Indeed Jesus, was the image of the invisible God, but none of the enemy’s army expected such humble strength paired with an unassuming plan. No one expected the anger in His eyes to burn through the gates of hell, nor the sword of truth to protrude from His mouth in which He would strike down all lies. No one anticipated that He was there to triumph and prevail against all the evil forces in the world.

No one expected the God of the universe to care so much for mere humans. No one expected such dire love and sacrifice for a human race that once rebelled against Him. Giving His life, He took on the wrath of God, feeding all those who would believe in Him, to be cleared from all punishment. Pulling out of the death camps all who would simply grab ahold of His mighty Hand. Jesus raises to life, those who have been dead in their past pain and sin, as He assists them out of the death camps and puts them on a new path to a new life in Him. He gifts them with a piece of His own Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to guide and lead them out of the enemy’s territory, away from darkness and into light.

Can such things even be imagined for those who are lost, lonely, and have followed sin down a trail to imprisonment?

Can the forces of evil be prevailed against?

Can the human fight with weapons given by the God of the universe?

Can humans who were once followers of darkness be transformed into followers of the light?

Can the human will be changed to follow truth?

Does this new master really have more power and authority than all the darkness from hell? Can the human really reject any and all temptations from the demonic that once held them captive?

Can a human really be saved and then be transformed into the likeness of Christ?

Can a human transform from a sinner to a saint?

The answers to all of these are: Yes.

For this is Christianity.

As followers of the Way, we have all been pulled out of the dungeons of hell. We are given a new life, a new name, and wrapped in a new identity. We are cloaked with robes of righteousness and set on a narrow path aimed at Christ Himself. We are saved, set free, and made a new creation - a saint. No longer are we bound and and enveloped in darkness. Instead we fight for the life of a saint in light and truth. Our past is now evidence of where we have been and what we have been saved from. This only makes us more grateful to get out when we did, thanking the Lord for His unfailing love. We use our past to our advantage, as we have personally seen the traps and know what they look like, allowing us to warn others.

Our strength is now in Him, as we walk out of darkness into light. No longer bound and helpless, but instead strong and fearless. Telling others that there is hope outside of the darkness...

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