The Evolution of Porn

Pornography is nothing more than pictures of prostitutes.


Sexting is nothing more than a new term for self-produced pornography. 

Sexting are images of those who are prostituting themselves. 


I understand that this concept of connecting these two ideas seem abstract. But I assure you, that if you allow me to show you why they are so wholly connected, you will see that this is indeed true. And. It might just change your idea about pornography.


The dictionary states: pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity intended to stimulate erotic (rather than aesthetic or emotional) feelings.


But what does it mean? What does it really mean?


It can't just mean nudity. 

As nudity, in itself isn't wrong.


And porn can't just be for those who are naked, as sometimes pornography is partial nudity.


If you think that prostitution or sexual imagery is a new concept. I adjure you, to reconsider. And know that it is indeed not a new idea. 


In fact. Prostitution is commented as being one of ‘the oldest professions’ and since humankind has been around on this planet. Even though Victor Malarek states that ‘prostitution is the world’s oldest oppression.’ Which I tend to agree with him... Even so the idea of buying and selling people for the use of sexual gain, as well as making images of females for the sexual arousal of men and has been used by almost every ancient civilizations, from the centuries past up to the modern present times. 


The term 'prostitute' is: typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment or a person who misuses their talents or who sacrifices their self-respect for the sake of personal or financial gain.


The word “pornography” in ancient Greece and Rome existed, but with a very different meaning from our own. The word “Pornographos” designated a “Whore-writer,” a man who wrote about famous Prostitutes and their life in Prostitution.


Although I don't like the term 'Whore-writer' as it seems to demoralize the woman and ignores the men who keeps her trapped in the “Business.” I would like to keep the idea of the term and instead call “Prostitute-writer." One of whom stories were written about in the profession of selling themselves for money, which encouraged its readers to engage in the activities of Prostitutes. 


But since a picture speaks a thousand words. It was only natural for the development of technology to take ‘Prostitute-writer’ to a whole new level, modernizing this Ancient idea of promoting and advertising Prostitution, while turning writings into pictures. As well as changing the stories that were written about those in the profession of selling themselves for money, which encouraged its readers to engage in the activities of Prostitutes, into photos of whom stories were told through the art of visual aid. These photos encouraged the watchers to learn about the sex trade, which in turn encouraged its viewers to engage in the activities of Prostitutes without them knowing it. 


But how did we get to this?


Prostitution has been used to aid in the soldiers since the beginning of United States History. Although the American Civil War had regiments of women Prostitutes follow General Joseph Hooker's Army to ‘service’ the men, hence coining the term ‘Hooker’ for a Prostitute. But it became more of a 'Army way of life' as we moved along in History. As it was only the beginning. 


The war with Porn stated in World War 1 with French postcards of French Prostitutes that the American soldiers got while fighting with their Allies - the French. These French postcards were pictures of Prostitutes meant to stimulate and advertise for the girls that were used in the Sex Trade in France. These French postcards of French Prostitutes were called 'Cartes Postal Suggestive' by the French, were picked up by the Americans during WW1. The American soldiers would buy them and they would 'pin-up' these postcards up in their bunks. Forming the American term for them as ‘Pinups.' 


Around that same time period, a man named Sigmund Freud who was a famous Psychoanalysis (A fancy word for someone who studies the brain and the mental wellness of people.). Sigmund Freud wrote in his 1917 analysis of "Reflections on War and Death" that he saw a connection of sexuality and violence. His idea was that "The mass killings inevitably inflames the sex drive because both subconsciously related as the extremes of the human experience." (1)


What does that mean? It means that high fear of death needed to be combined with the sexual drive to reproduce children by the longing to balance the mind. In turn it was believed that if sex could be given to the men, it would make them better fighters and better soldiers. 


With this new information out, the leaders of fighting Nations in World War 1 that were at War, worked hard to 'balance' Sigmund's ideas and philosophy. But how were they to balance these new idea and make it come to fruition to have better fighters for their war? Well, to bring in the Prostitutes for the men who were at war so that their minds could balance it all. But since the philosophy was a new idea and concept, only a couple groups of soldiers in were exposed to free sex from Prostitutes that some of their Generals had set up, right next to the bases. This was practiced by American, French, and British governments. 


With the end of WW1,  soldiers were back on US soil with the images of French Prostitutes in their minds and in their hands. This love of seeing the Prostituted started a new business in America in the 1920’s. Which consisted of drawings of these French looking Prostitutes and selling them with the new war-term ‘Pin-ups.’ You can already see beginning of the switch by not calling them Prostitutes, but instead Pin-ups. 


But by the time World War 2 rolled around from 1939 to 1945, the Armed Forces was determined to use modern philosophy to their advantage and apply Sigmund Freud’s analysis of "Reflections on War and Death" that he saw a connection of sexuality and violence. 


Why is this important? Because this fueled the thinking in how they were going to get better fighters, and that was by 'balancing' the fear inside of them with sex. So, to get better fighting men, the armies started to set up brothels controlled by the military right next to the bases, by the dozens. In fact, complaints went out from the bases that didn't have a brothel. With other countries affected by the war and the locals low on money and food, even average women joined the Prostitution needed by the Allies. Soldiers paid for Prostitutes through Armed Forces issued coupon cards, money, cigarettes, and food rations given to the soldiers by various governments, in which they could trade for Prostituted services. 


But when news of 60,000 of the first American draftees were revealed to have Venereal Disease, which is a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, news started getting back to America about what was going on with the brothel connections that the Armed Forces had. But then in 1941, there was a 70% increase in the cases of soldiers found with sexually transmitted diseases by Prostitutes. 


The New York Times, started reporting about the VD stats among the soldiers and reports of brothels near the bases had parents, new wives, and girlfriends upset. 


So what was their next plan? The American Armed Forces started testing their own brothel owned prostitutes, for VD. If the Prostitute was cleared, she could continue in 'servicing' their soldiers. Urging their soldiers to not go anywhere for sexual services outside of their tested brothels and keep the prices down for the soldiers. 


Notice the WW2 poster? 


"Don't take chances with pickups!”

Instead, they wanted them to revert to their Armed Forces approved brothels. Not go out on their own and find ones that hadn't been tested and stamped with approval. 


Meanwhile, in other parts of the world. American troops in Bombay reported that Prostitutes were $1.50. In Casablanca, glass walls surrounded 12,000 Prostitutes paid for by the Americans. In Naples, Prostitutes refused to work in Armed Forces brothels for .50 cents a man, when they could make $10.00 a man outside of the U.S. Armed Forces management. In France, specific brothels were set aside for just the officers. In Japan, a new house was built and used for the Allied troops with 5,000 woman, for just $1.25 an hour. In Yokosuka there were 'Geisha' houses where soldiers would wait their turn, in line that was almost a block long. And in Pearl Harbor, it was the Prostitution that made Hawaii the most popular destination, with the Oahu Brothels bringing in $10 million dollars a year. The Armed Forces report tally cards of a single Prostitute having sex with up to 49 soldiers in one day… 


If this wasn’t bad enough, other infiltrated Nations offered their own people for slavery in Prostitution to the Allied forces for a good repertoire with the conquering Nations. A survivor from Korea stated, “Looking back, I think my body was not mine, but the government’s and the U.S. military’s. Our Korea government was one big pimp for the U.S. military.” (2)


But with the VD reports still high, and the inability to provide condoms all the time to the men through shipping overseas, the Armed Forces 'suggested' and encouraged masturbation. But how were they going to convince the soldiers to masturbate instead of visiting the Prostitutes that the Armed Forces provided for them?


Hollywood was going to be the answer that the American Armed Forces  had been looking for. The key to keeping the reports back home have better VD rates and Hollywood agreed to be the tool in which would assist this, while the 1920's Pinups got a Hollywood makeover. Hollywood agreed that they would start making films to send to the men, to fulfill their sexual desires and help them with the 'Sexual fulfillment of masturbating.' They thought that these men needed to keep the sexual stimulation high, to be good fighters. So they brought in Hollywood movies. An American General stated, "Motion pictures are as necessary to the men as rations." (3)


Soon, Hollywood started releasing films, that promoted the female stars as 'Available Prostitutes' at the same time "Promoted them as sex symbols in ‘Pinups.’” (4)

This sparked a new philosophy that women could show their body, strip down, get paid for the pictures, and be used for sexual exploitation without technically being a street 'Prostitute' and just like that, the mentality of Pornography started to alter.  


No longer were the Pinup pictures of Prostitutes, but of those in the Hollywood starlight that would take off their clothes for a contract with 20th Century Fox. What they missed was that these images were still images of women who had Prostituted themselves to take clothes off in hopes to attain money, fame, and approval from movie studios. With Hollywood and 20th Century Fox funded and approved by the American Armed Forces the stage was set to 'encourage' the men away at war. The Pinups were still images of women who Prostituted themselves but the mentality started to have a mind shift. 

Was looking at Pornography still looking at pictures of Prostitutes? It was. It's just the technicality of it all changed directions... 


But this not so innocent tragedy was what triggered the idea that modern day Pornography isn’t pictures of the Prostituted. This was the start of the mentality that a man had the right to look and objectify any woman, not just the women who sold themselves on the street. Slowly the message started to change that it wasn't Prostitutes that men were looking at for sexual fulfillment, but just any woman, those women who were not 'technically' street Prostitutes.


Since Hollywood had agreed to 'encourage' the troops in WW2. The movies that were also being put out, had propaganda of their own and that included the monopoly of Hollywood to the Armed Forces. They started getting 20,000 requests a week for Betty Grable's bathing suit photography. Which left Hollywood holding all the money, as if they were a pimp.


But this wasn’t Hollywood’s first exposure of its connection with Prostitution. In fact, Victor Malarek’s book, The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It, reveal that some Hollywood Stars start or end up in Brothels owned and ran by Hollywood. Victor describes the admittance of actors who didn’t get the part unless they visit the Hollywood brothels where one hit wonder stars started and ended up. Dozens of actors and actresses admit to the Prostitution that happens in Hollywood and what it takes to actually make it to stardom. Hollywood just coined a different term for Prostitution and instead calls it “The Casting Couch” (5). In fact, it seams that story after story of admittance of those that were destined to make it on the big screen submitted to Prostitution in order to make it in Hollywood. 


It is interesting the ties of those who have Prostituted themselves before making it in Hollywood, mixing the worlds of Pornography and Prostitution. It is almost as if, those who Prostituted themselves could make it in Hollywood (6). After all, making movies with Sexual Immorality and nudity and getting paid for it is nothing more than Pornography and Prostitution mixed together. But we don’t seem to see it as John Cusack states, “Hollywood is nothing more than a whorehouse where people go mad…” (7)


But instead of drawing lines from Hollywood to Pornography and Prostitution making the connection that Stars Prostitute themselves in one way or another for money and fame. We instead severe the lines between Hollywood, Pornography, and Prostitution. But with Pinups getting a Hollywood makeover, the idea of blurring mixed lines that had not been previously drawn were now getting even messier. Now women could sell images of themselves, for the same price as sleeping with a man. Now a woman could strip all her clothes off, do sex scenes and be viewed by audiences, and not considered a Prostitute - but a Movie Star. Oh how the tides have changed. 


Images of scantily clad women before 1940 were understood to be pictures of Prostitutes. Now, within a couple years, images of scantily clad and sexual women after 1940 were somehow no longer pictures of Prostitutes but Hollywood Stars. Blurring the lines of Prostitute and Pornography.


Now a woman could strip all her clothes off, do sex scenes and be viewed by audiences, and not considered a Prostitute - but a Model or a Stripper, when in fact - they are still Prostituting themselves and sacrificing their self-respect for the sake of personal or financial gain - which if you remember was the definition of a Prostitute... 


But with Pornography, Prostitution, and Sexual Immorality being so ingrained into the mind of the average soldier, fidelity was not.     


In April of 1944, the previous president, Herbert Hoover had warned that, "The moral life of America is in danger." And that there would be an emptiness to a military victory if wasn't accompanied by a moral victory. But we were soon to find out the reality of that statement. 


In 1945 when the war was over, the Armed Forces did an extensive survey, that was buried in the Classified section for over 30 years. But with it released sadly showed that "fewer than a fraction of 1% of the men that went to war in WW2 from America didn't commit sexual intercourse with someone…" (8)


In other words, 99% of men that went away in World War 2 had sexual intercourse with someone, other than their spouse. 99% of the men, were unfaithful and this set up the stages of our Culture, when these men came home to be our Husbands, Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers…


After the war ended in 1945, over half a million divorces happened to those who held the title 'the American soldier.’ Although the American Armed Forces didn't like the stats they figured that they would just encourage more legal separations so that they didn't qualify for the divorce stats that were being gathered the year the war ended. Britain on the other hand, were more open with their numbers and in Britain the number of 'Adultery' petitions that filed for Divorce, rose 100% each year of the war, starting with the beginning of the war.


As one American Military Chaplain stated, "We have won the victory... But we have read about the horror the Japanese concept of women as men's playthings. But will the parents and families whom American servicemen return, their thinking warped by "take-a-prostitute" morality, will these families be convinced that the best civilization has won? Or that we lost our civilization by winning the war." (9)


Truly the war had changed the United States and sadly not for the better. As "Making the best of the present without thinking about the future had led to pleasure-seeking and increased promiscuity.” (10)


Years after the war was over, and our sexually stimulated men returned to America. It was only 'natural' that the stage was set for something Nationwide that would begin only 8 years later. 


And that was… Playboy. 


Playboy magazine started in 1953. Hugh Hefner published the first Playboy magazine in December of 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Selling more than 50,000 copies. This lead to Hugh's success of exploiting women for money and lead the way for more to rise behind him. What was in that first magazine? Why 'Entertainment for Men.' Again, the American men stayed away from the ideas of "Prostitutes" that normally graced the pages of explicate material and that is how Pornography made a permanent switch. By not calling these women 'Prostitutes' it somehow made it alright to look at, and it brainwashed the men looking that since they were not Prostitutes that somehow what these women were doing wasn’t Prostitution. Somehow the disconnect of Pornography and Prostitution had been severed by the war. But what they missed was that Pornography was indeed at the heart of Prostitution, as it always had been.


In the first Playboy, pictures of Marilyn and her life story, or at least pieces of it, littered the pages. All aiming towards using her for the imaginations of men, both married and those that were not. But this wasn't the first time in History that women were used to 'Entertain Men.' 


Remember that the word for “Pornography” in ancient Greece and Rome existed, but with a very different meaning from our own: the word “Pornographos” designated a “Whore-writer” or a “Prostitute-writer” who wrote about famous Prostitutes. But now, you could read about famous women who had Prostituted themselves to the masses for money or like Marilyn Monroe who posed naked for $50 so that she could buy some food and fix her broken car. (11)


In her own written book called My Story, Marilyn makes your heart break as she penned, "Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul." (12) Marilyn also states how she saw Hollywood nothing more than an overcrowded brothel (13). Linking Prostitution to Hollywood that some so ardently miss. 


Although Marilyn folded to the lies, that she would be important if she took her clothes off, she stated that she, "Decided that I didn't want the studio's millions, either. I wanted to be myself and not just a freak vibration that made fortunes for the studio sex peddlers.” (14)


But sadly, that is what happened to her after she died, and her images have made millions to those who held the rights to them. But what started with Marilyn, opened it up for the masses and that was the average girl could make money for taking their clothes off without having to be a physical street Prostitute, even though she had just literally Prostituted herself, just in a different way.


In 1956, Playboy started a Centerfold. And where did this Centerfold come from? Well from Playboy’s own website they sate:


"The Playmate feature is expanded from a double-page spread to a triple-page centerfold. Opening up the pinup picture in the center of the magazine becomes a familiar ritual referenced in popular culture, and the term “centerfold” enters the language as a generic term for pinup photography."


Pinups and Pornography were getting a makeover and everyone seemed to buy it. Things only went downhill from there as America paved the way for all those who lived in the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free to enter into the era of a Pornographic Culture. 


Before we move on with more information we need to stop a second and pause. Remember that during WW2, they started getting 20,000 requests a week for Betty Grable's bathing suit photography. So here it is. One of Betty Grable's bathing suit poses. Here is the thing. This is a Pinup. This is Pornography from the 1940's. What you are looking at - is decades old Porn. 

How far have we come - when we don't even consider this Porn today. We demand that there must be 'hard core sexualized images' for it to be Porn or full nudity for it to be connected to Porn. But the Truth is - the Pornographic Culture we live in, has already been driving down the road for so long that we forget that we were born into the degradation of our society. There are more revealing images at local grocery stores wine labels then this image of Betty Grable.  

Instead of chalking this image off as 'Not real Porn,' what we need to realize instead is that our level of sexualization is a lot farther down the road then most people think. Today - we can't logically compare our reality to something that we can't see. And sometimes we can't see it because we were born into it.  

Our Pornographic Culture has been outpouring of an unaware and orchestrated Armed Forces as it was infiltrated by Hollywood in a time of weakness. And now decades later - what we think is normal has to be redefined and reexamined as Pornographic images grace the malls and the highways. 


We need to see it for what it is, that Pornography is pictures of Prostitutes and that Pornography is Practicing Prostitution. We need to understand that when a man chooses to take off his clothes for money, whether to make a movie or model it is Prostitution. 

We need to see it for what it is, that Pornography is pictures of Prostitutes and that Pornography is Practicing Prostitution. We need to understand that when a woman chooses to take off her clothes for money, whether to make a movie or model it is Prostitution. We need to understand that when a woman is pressured to take off her clothes for approval of others, she is being Prostituted or Prostituting herself. 

Sexting is nothing more than a new term for Pornography. 

Sexting are images of those who are Prostituting themselves. 


We know that as Christians we are to flee from Sexual Immorality. But we can't flee from something that we don't see as wrong. So I hope that I have helped in this area of exposing Pornography for what it really is. And I hope that the Lord opens your eyes to the lies of Pornography and what it really entails and how it has evolved in the world that we live in. Sometimes we have to travel back in time - to be able to see where things have come from so that we can see where we have ended up in the Evolution of Pornography.


Pornography... is nothing more than Pictures of the Prostituted. 





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