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Joshua Parriera

Executive Director, President of the Board

Founder of International Saints and Abolitionists, Joshua has been preparing for this role for decades, accompanied by his many talents, passionate preaching style, and his love for seeing people educated and equipped to be the people that Christ has called them to be. Joshua received his Masters from Regent College in Christian Studies. Joshua is also the pastor of the Haven Church in Everson, Washington. 


Joshua resides in Washington state with his wife, Dana, and their 3 children. Joshua is fervent about educating about the truth of pornography and trafficking, not only to the community that he lives in, but globally. Joshua loves the idea of NOT living life as a spectator, but rather to engage the game of life as a warrior for Christ!


Dana Parriera

Advocacy Director, Secretary of the Board

Dana is the co-founder of ISA and has an unmatched passion and tenacity to see people live in a way that represents transformation in Christ. Burdened by the pains of human trafficking and the silence of those who are modern day slaves, she will do what she can to assist in the education of the masses. With her unique background and love of writing, she is also just as passionate about the beauty culture and its effect on women. She loves connecting links between cultures sexualization and woman's rights, as well as how it has been impacted by pornography. 


In addition to her roles at ISA, she assists in fighting sex trafficking any way she can. She loves and adores getting to know survivors and has previously served on the Board of Engedi Refuge. Dana resides in Washington, with her husband, Joshua, and their 3 teenagers. 


Lena Parriera

Communications Director

Lena has a heart and passion towards those who are targeted for exploitation and the unborn. She is dedicated to standing up for those who have no voice. Her tenacious ability to speak up for women’s rights also includes a zeal for creative writing, editing, and educating.


At 18 years old, Lena graduated with her Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree, pairing her sweetness to match her brilliance. ISA is thrilled to have Lena onboard to further the non-profits ability to reach a younger generation and have someone boldly advocating with passion.


Lena resides in Washington state and enjoys living in the PNW. 


Aaron Newcomb

Vice President of the Board

Aaron is the founder of Engedi Refuge Ministries, together with his wife, Lea. Engedi Refuge provides a restorative program for women who have survived sexual exploitation and trafficking. Aaron wants to help men to see the freedom that they can experience when they understand who Christ has called them to be. As a pastor as well, his heart's desire is to see those discipled and obedient on every level for the sake and glory of Jesus Christ! Aaron resides in Washington state with his wife Lea, and is a great asset.

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Sue Ann Heutink

Treasurer of the Board

Sue Ann has many passions, but none is outmatched by her love of children and of those hurting. Her passion stems from being a teacher for decades in the public school system. Her love of the next generation is outstanding. Sue Ann serves as the Executive Director at Hope4Justice. Their mission is to help fight the oppression of human trafficking by partnering with others to increase awareness and engage people to action.  


God has put a burden on her heart regarding human trafficking in all of its forms and loves showing others that each and every person can in their daily life, make a difference in the fight.  Sue Ann works non-stop to educate people on the harmful effects of trafficking.


Sue Ann lives in Washington state with her husband, and enjoys spending her extra time with her children and grandchildren.

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Kurt Swanson

Director of the Board

Kurt is the owner of The Swanson Group, a real estate company. Apart from being an outstanding local businessman that serves with honesty and integrity, Kurt serves numerous organizations in order to fight for social justice and oppression. Kurt has been very involved with organizations that promote the assistance of children and previously assisted with Childcare Worldwide. Kurt is known to serve wherever there is need. Kurt has an amazing heart and longs to change the world wherever and whenever he can.


Kurt lives in Washington State with his wife, and their children.

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