Slavery has been around since the beginning of time, but it has never disappeared. Modern day slavery, known as human trafficking, has increased at an alarming rate. One of those forms is sex trafficking. Sex traffickers target vulnerable victims, pulling them into the sex trade to sell them. Today, a lot of anti-trafficking organizations are busy at work trying to rescue and redeem the victimized slaves of today, but with only 1% of trafficked victims ever rescued, the work is long, tedious, and discouraging (1). However we must fight this in order to change that number to be able to rescue 100% of them.


Sex trafficking is seXXX slavery.


ISA is working hard in research and development to discover ‘why’ the numbers in sex trafficking victims is increasing each year at an alarming rate. Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world. For example, how many times can you sell a gun? Once. How many times can you sell drugs? Once. But they can sell our little girls and boys - over and over and over again - through sex trafficking. The profitability is higher for those who choose to exploit victims through sex trafficking and sadly that is why it is becoming so popular, as an estimated $99 billion dollar a year industry (2). With the average lifespan of a child or adult entering into sex trafficking being only 3-7 years (3), the need for more victims is sadly increasing, and children are their endless supply. 


But what is the correlation to modern times and the increase of sex trafficking? What is fueling this giant market? What we are discovering is that through our ‘sexual freedom’ we have created the perfect environment for sexual predators. Our ‘sexual culture’ is an ideal habitat for the victimization of our youth. We live in a pornified culture that pushes sexual images and nudity (including music videos, ads, apps, and television), teaching the youth to sexualize themselves and see the ‘normality’ of nudity, objectification, and prostitution. What we missed, was that the evolution of our sexual freedom turned out to be the imprisonment of vulnerable children. With children learning to sexualize themselves and others at a young age, the ability to coerce kids into prostitution is easier than ever. There are many things that pull the strings of trafficking, but with a person entering into sex trafficking every 2 minutes around the world (4), we need to slow this thing down if we want stop it. 


Just as abolition work (efforts abolish slavery) in the past was hard, tedious, and going against the culture of the time, today we face just as much criticism. Abolitionists in the past were brave for going against the advancements and progressive aspects of the time. Today, abolitionists must adhere to that same bravery and tenacity, as we fight against the progressive sexual culture of our day.

How do we decrease the demand for sex trafficking?


Nudity promotes objectification and objectification promotes prostitution. These tied together assist in sex trafficking today. Although we have had nudity promoted in art and other religions around for centuries, we have also had sex slavery and prostitution. What we are discovering is that it is not a coincidence that these things have been around at the same time, but instead reveal that they balance each other for existence.


What we need to realize is:

Sexting is practicing pornography. 

Pornography is practicing prostitution. 

Prostitution is included in sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is modern day slavery.

If we desire to abolish sex trafficking and eradicate slavery... it means we can’t participate, promote, encourage, or practice any of the things that lead to sex trafficking. This means that we must do our part to eradicate it. That means that we are to become intolerant of nudity (in any form) and objectification, which consists of sexting and pornography, as we know it leads to sex trafficking. We need to become intolerant of sexual immorality in all avenues of our lives, including television. Never allow yourself to say, “Oh it is just a little sex scene… in a movie.” Many of us wouldn’t go to a strip club and watch a women take her top off and prostitute herself, and yet, some of us will watch topless scenes on television. You understand that actress is getting paid to take her top off, which by definition is prostitution. Just by watching it, you are participating. You are not only enjoying entertainment, but increasing demand for sex trafficking by becoming a consumer of sexual immorality and increasing the demand to see more pornography, which is the recorded acts of prostitution. 


Sex trafficking includes Prostitution 

If there was no prostitution, there would be no sex trafficking.


Sex trafficking is the new term for prostitution and other sexual activities that is encouraged by force, fraud, and coercion. We now understand that prostitutes are coerced through traffickers (pimps), aided by dysfunctional family units, childhood abuse, society, media, survival, insecurity, peer pressure, exposure to sexual immorality, and our sexualized culture. Modern day slavery has many forms of coercion, but whatever the reason is behind the initial entrance into prostitution, it is still sex trafficking.  


Those who buy sex from prostitutes are indeed buying sex trafficked victims.


Prostitution uses the coercion of money to engage in sex acts. Therefore, every act of prostitution is - by definition - sex trafficking. If we could eliminate prostitution, there would be no such thing as sex trafficking. Why? Because buyers of sex are buying prostitutes. And these prostituted victims are our future sex trafficking survivors. 

It is reported that 100% of sex buyers view pornography. Why? Because porn is the documentation of prostitution and sex trafficking is the purchasing of prostitution. To eradicate sex trafficking we must become convinced that we are not allowed to purchase another human being.  The reality is, sex should never be for sale. To decrease demand we must realize that without prostitution there would be no sex trafficking.

But what can we do?

How can we do our part to help end sex trafficking?


We need to choose to not objectify other humans and refuse to indulge in sexual immorality. Change your mentality about prostitution and understand that prostitution is modern day sex slavery. Train yourself to help eradicate sex trafficking by decreasing demand through becoming intolerant of sexual immorality and not consuming, engaging, advertising (dressing immodestly), promoting, or desiring any forms that lead up to prostitution and you will be helping eradicate sex trafficking...


Then you will be on your way to becoming The New Abolitionist.







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